The ‘Boyfriend Explains What Makeup Is’ Tag

Hey guys!

I first saw this tag posted by A Girl Recommends and have since seen it posted quite a bit and since I have a significant other, I thought it might be fun to have him do this too! The tag is to get your significant other to explain what a certain product is and what its purpose is. I assumed that Frankie was quite well versed with makeup with the amount of time that he watches YouTube videos with me or even watches me do my makeup. We had even just come from watching a bunch of beauty videos but he probably wasn’t paying as close attention as he should have haha. He still did pretty well though, I will give him that. I hope that you find this post amusing!


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BB Cream – *nervous laughter* No idea ahhah I just know that you put it on your face? (pause) Beautiful Babe Cream? Can we come back to this one?

Primer – Primes…?

Foundation – OH! Put it underneath makeup. Please tell me that’s right. Oh my god… WITH THE SPONGE!

Concealer – Covers imperfections? Not that you have any… don’t write that down please. I don’t want people thinking I’m lame (sorry, babe).

Powder – I DON’T KNOW! Makes the face dry?? Look lighter, drier, and powdery.

Brow Gel – Makes brows look nice and neat.

Eyeshadow – Put it on here *rubs eyelid*. You put it on your eyelids to… I don’t know. People just like to do it.

Eyeliner – Lines edge of eye?

Mascara – Mascara for eyelashes? To VOLUMIZE. PLUMP! Make them LONGER! (very enthused about this one).

Corrector – When you f*** up your makeup. PLEASE TELL ME THAT’S RIGHT! Like when you do your eyeliner and you make a mistake, you use a corrector!

Contour – Define the face? You put it on the cheek bones to… I don’t know…

Blusher – Bring out ya cheeks so it looks like you’re blushing *nervous laughter*

Bronzer – Literally no idea! What the hell is bronzer? On the cheeks??? WHY???

Highlighter – UHH! Use it to highlight features. I don’t know where to use it though.

Setting Spray – When you finish putting on makeup. I don’t know the terminology. You know. When you finish, you spray.

Lip Liner – You put it around the edge of your lips. Like you put the lipstick on to plump them but the lip liner is to… show where your lips are.

I think he did pretty well! He was only stumped on a few and I did let him go back to BB Cream but he couldn’t think of anything else and was begging me to tell him what he’d gotten right. The corrector was the funniest response because he was jumping up and down because he was confident but he was confused and I wasn’t giving him any clues hahaha. Poor thing. Big thank you to Frankie for being a good sport and putting up with this.


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Au revoir xxx

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